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Easy DIY Unicorn Headband Tutorial With Felt and Tulle

Unicorn fever has taken over around here. If you have any little girls in your life then I’m sure you’ve gotten to enjoy the unicorn craze. My daughter is 4.5 and I have a 2 year old niece and both love unicorns. So it seemed only fitting that my next craft project should be a super cute unicorn headband. I attempted one back in December for my daughter and it came out as intended (happy dance). This week my niece had a unicorn themed birthday party so I decided to make another as a gift for her.

diy unicorn headband

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This project is pretty simple and, depending on how fast you work at it, can be done in about 2-4 hours. To make this DIY unicorn headband you will need:

  • Felt – 3 pieces of white, 1 pink (I found white felt that was actually sparkly on one side I was so excited!)
  • Ribbon to wrap around the horn
  • Tulle rolls in whatever colors you’d like to use. I purchased these
  • Headband
  • Stuffing product
  • Hot glue gun and glue

materials for a DIY unicorn headband


How to Assemble Your Unicorn Headband

I’ve seen a bunch of different styles of unicorn headbands but most have the accessories attached directly to the headband. I chose to cover my headband in white felt first. This is mainly because my daughter doesn’t care for the feeling of anything on her head or in her hair for very long. The felt adds a layer of softness to help keep the ends of the headband from poking her or squeezing the sides of her head too much. I also preferred this method because the felt gave a better surface for the tulle and felt horn to stick to. I also personally liked the look of the entire headband being white.

Step 1 – Cut two strips of white felt to cover the ends of the headband. Go ahead and hot glue these pieces lengthwise to cover the tips so that none of the original color of the headband will show.

diy unicorn headband

Step 2 – Cut longer strips of the white felt that are about 1 1/2 inches wide. These will be used to wrap around the entire length of the headband. Working from one end of the headband, begin by gluing the edge of the felt to the underneath. Start wrapping the felt with a fair bit of tension around the headband, adding some glue on each round to secure it in place. I like to always finish a strip of felt on the underneath of the headband. This way the cut edges aren’t visible when it’s finished. Set your felt covered unicorn headband aside for now.

diy unicorn headband

Step 3 – To make the horn, take one corner of the next piece of felt and begin to roll it until the top becomes a point. Secure the point with hot glue first because it tends to loosen up if you let go of the felt at all. Glue the rolled edge of the felt down. Cut at the bottom of your horn shape to remove the excess felt and secure any loose or open seams with your glue.

Step 4 – Stand your horn up on top of the white felt and cut around it in a circle shape, leaving it about a 1/4 inch larger than the base of the horn. This extra will act as a seam for easier gluing later on. Now, stuff your horn! Make sure it is very full so that it keeps its shape. Begin gluing the white circle onto the base of the horn, pinching the seam as you go to make sure it is secure.

diy unicorn headband

Step 5 – Next we’ll be gluing on the gold trim around the horn. Find the seam that runs along the length of the horn. This will be the back. Glue the end of the gold trim to the back of the horn point. slowly wrap and glue the trim around the horn until you reach the base. Cut the excess and secure the end with glue.

Step 6 – Hold the headband straight up and find the very center. Apply your hot glue and attach the horn. Push the horn down and really hold it in place for a few seconds while the glue cools and adheres.

Step 7 – Now for cutting out the ears. I did not use a pattern for the ears, I mostly eyeballed it. I found the easiest way was to hold my white felt longways. Fold the bottom corners up so that it is in half. Then fold the right corners towards the left in half again. Now cut out an ear shape, leaving a long straight tab below it. This long tab area will be used to wrap around the headband. See pictures for details on what this looks like. Next, cut a bit of your pink felt in a similar but smaller shape as the ears for the inside. You will have two small pieces. Attach the two pink felt cut outs to the white ears.

Step 8 – Find the center between each half of the ear and apply glue. Attach this to the underneath of the headband on either side of the horn. Where you attach these isn’t super specific. You’ll want to leave enough space between each and the horn for the tulle but you also want it to be an appropriate distance to look like ears. Use your best judgement. My daughter’s unicorn headband had the ears further out while my niece’s was closer to the horn. Both worked fine. Match the two halves of each ear and glue together.

diy unicorn headband

Step 9 – To make the tulle flowers we’re just going to be folding the tulle in loops. Leaving a bit of a tail out at the start, bring your tulle up and then down creating a loop. Pinch this between your fingers. For these size flowers you repeat this 14 times so that you end up with a total of 14 loops on top. Next wrap the tulle around the bunch that your holding between your fingers and tie tightly. Wrap around and tie two more times to secure. You should now have a piece that has looped tulle on top and smaller loops below the tie.

Next cut the tulle to detach from the spool, leaving a small tail. You can scrunch both tulle pieces between your fingers and they willl stick away from the flowers and around the horn. They can also be cut shorter later if needed. Make 6 tulle flowers.

Step 10 – Cut 6 small squares of white felt to attach to the bottoms of the tulle flowers. Once dried, use these areas to apply glue to and adhere the tulle flowers to the headband. Gluing tulle alone with hot glue can melt the tulle or drip through the mesh. It is such a delicate fabric that adding the felt first will help keep them attached to the headband better. You can use any pattern you like for attaching your tulle. It’s really whatever look you’re going for.

diy unicorn headband

Step 11 – Once you have all of your tulle flowers secured, be sure to give the headband a little shake. Take the time to make sure everything is attached well because you don’t want anything flying off while it’s being played with. If not, add more glue wherever it’s needed. Once you’re finished you can trim the tulle tails if there are any that look too long or are sticking out to far.

Step 12 – Step back and admire that adorable unicorn headband you just created!

diy unicorn headband

Happy Crafting!


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