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Preschool Spring Theme – Spring Themed Learning Activities

I don’t think we have ever been so thrilled for spring to arrive. We had a rough winter. Temperatures were 20 degrees and below for weeks on end. Just last week we were greeted with a twenty inch snow storm. So disappointing. Even still, the official start of spring means that we are more than ready for a preschool spring theme.


Our Preschool Spring Theme Activities

We typically do preschool three days a week and we don’t adhere to a specific schedule throughout each day. This week I had six learning activities prepared that covered math, fine motor skills practice, writing, and science.



Spring preschool Theme Build With Shapes


We did a super simple activity this week that blended art and math. Bean knows a lot of shapes but I thought using our shape cut outs to make some spring pictures would be a great way to introduce some new shapes she wasn’t familiar with. We talked about four sided shapes and focused on learning what a trapezoid looks like. It was the perfect shape for flower petals and grass. We also got to talk about the parts of a flower.

All you need for this activity is multicolored construction paper, glue, paper, and a lot of patience (to cut all those pieces out). I have a whole bag of shape cut outs that we use often for different projects. I just add to it here and there when we learn a new shape. As we practice our cutting skills, Bean helps me cut them out as well.

build a bug shape recognition

Fine Motor Skills

Bean has been doing really well with buttons but still has trouble with smaller ones. I found this activity from The Kindergarten Connection and had all the materials to make these cute felt flower buttons. They were great practice for buttoning and unbuttoning and I was able to make several with various sizes so she could work on smaller ones.

All you need for this activity is felt, buttons, and pipe cleaners. I only had white pipe cleaners so i colored our stems with a green marker. Bean didn’t mind either way and when she was done buttoning she took the felt flowers and buttoned them on her own shirts as well as Daddy’s.

fine motor button flowersfine motor felt button flowers



This week we broke out the salt tray for writing letters. I absolutely love using salt for activities like this because the added sensory experience makes it much more interesting for Bean. We worked on the letter F this week. “F is for flower.” Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of our letters but I did get some playing in the salt afterwards.

I also tried a different method of coloring our salt this time because I had heard about using chalk. I really wanted green salt for spring and wanted to avoid the messier dye options. So we got to it and grated a giant green sidewalk chalk into our salt. It worked perfect, though it wasn’t quite as bright as I would have liked.

colored salt tray



I feel like a preschool spring theme is not complete without growing some plants but right now the weather outside is not quite ready for that. For science this week we built on the ideas that we had learned previously about how plants work and what they need to grow. Bean and I talked about greenhouses and watched a quick video on Youtube about them from Science with Bobert and then we built our own. I cut out a house shape and Bean decorated it with… well pictures of beans. Then we taped it together and hung it up in a window that gets plenty of sun. Each day we observe our greenhouse beans and talk about and draw what we see.

ziploc greenhouse

Sensory Bin

The sensory bin is probably Bean’s favorite activity each week. She loves digging around in it and playing pretend. Our sensory bin materials this week included:

  • taste safe play dirt
  • dry pinto beans
  • moss
  • planter cups
  • plastic garden scoops
  • plastic bugs
  • floral bird clip
  • artificial flowers and leaves

It was a great activity to “play in the dirt,” plant flowers, and check out bugs.


Spring is Here – song by The Learning Station

Peep & the Big Wide World – Spring Thing


Spring books for preschoolers

What a wonderful book. Where are you, Robin is full of wonderful facts about many different types of birds. We talked about how bird spotting requires patience as we followed the characters in their search for a robin.


springbooks for preschoolersBob and Otto was not only perfect for a preschool spring theme but it also teaches children about friendship and cooperation. It was a great story about two friends who are very different from each other. After going their separate ways to do the things they enjoyed, they reunited and realized that both equally had an important purpose that helped each other.


It was a great week getting ready for spring to arrive.

Happy learning and happy spring!

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